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Who and What is Yellow House Book Rental?

Posted by Michelle Osborn on

Welcome to Yellow House Book Rental! We are primarily a homeschool curriculum, rental service. However, we offer a variety of services. You can compare each one, at Yellow House Book Rental, and decide which is best for your family.

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Who and what is Yellow House Book Rental?

We do and we are many things, but our main purpose is to serve YOU, our homeschool community! We are so glad you are here.

We started out as a homeschool curriculum rental service because we wanted to help you save money and we knew that renting curriculum was a low-cost option, but we have learned so much along the way about what our customers need and want. We are continually adding products and purchase options as we grow and hear from you!

First, let me introduce myself. I am Michelle Osborn, the owner and founder of Yellow House Book Rental. I enjoy running YHBR as well as providing counseling and guidance for homeschool families. I am a wife, a 22-year homeschool veteran, and mom of four amazing children (now adults), and a worship leader. You can find out a little more about me and my family in the about us.

Services we provide here at Yellow House Book Rental

Rent homeschool curriculum- Most of our products give you a rental and or purchase option. 

Our rental service allows you to rent most products for a 10-month period. . Some of our products are semester rentals (5-month period). 

Get the scoop on all the rental specifics here and if you are wondering, Why rent? you can find the eight reasons here.

Learn how you can save by renting with these examples found on this post, I Can RENT Homeschool Curriculum?

Rent to own (Try Before You Buy)

With this option, y We will send you an invoice with the remaining cost to purchase it. (The rental cost minus the purchase price of the curriculum) There are a few products that are not for purchase and are marked as such.

Purchase consumable homeschool curriculum

Many homeschool curriculum products have student workbooks that are consumable. These are not rentable products.

The teachers' guides, manuals, and answer keys are excellent items to rent, especially because these items can be the most costly. The student consumables are for purchase only. 

Purchase used curriculum

We have a small Used Curriculum Market. Some of the items have been previously rented, are shelf copies, or are new but we are no longer selling. You can find the condition of the books in the description.

Yellow House Book Rental's own digital products

Over my 22 years of homeschooling, many moms have come to me for help with homeschooling their children, most often concerning homeschooling their teens.

Visit our other site Homeschooling Teen Successfully. Find recourses and blog posts that will help you homeschool your teen with confidence!  I continue to create new products as I come across new topics that are of interest or concern to parents of teens.

Find out about my Confidently Homeschooling Teens course here

Join our Facebook Group Homeschooling Teens Successfully

Downloadable products- instant access

You will find our own products as well as some of our affiliate downloadable products here

Homeschool Consultation service

I am very passionate about homeschooling and love sharing what I have learned during my 22 years of teaching my four children at home. 

Sometimes you just need to spend time talking with someone who will listen to your situation and give you specific help for your family and child's specific needs. I'd love to help

More money-saving options



If you purchase curriculum from us and later decide that you will no longer need it and would like to sell it, let us know. We would be happy to discuss purchasing our products back. 

Like I mentioned earlier, I love saving money, so when I find great deals, freebies and giveaways I love to share them with you. You will find these on our specials and giveaways page and our freebies page.


I'm here to help! Please contact me with any questions or suggestions. 

Enjoying the journey,


  Michelle Osborn is the owner and founder of Homeschooling Teens Successfully and Yellow House Book Rental, specializing in providing homeschool curriculum for rent or purchase, as well as counseling and guidance for homeschool families. She is a wife, a 22-year homeschool veteran, and mom of four children and six grandchildren. Two of her children are now entrepreneurs, running their own successfully businesses. Michelle’s passions include serving by leading worship at her church and encouraging homeschool moms through one on one, social media and speaking engagements. She has found her niche in helping parents homeschooling their teens through the high school years and on to pursue their dreams.

Yellow House Book Rental links to many different sources within our blogs. A link does not equal an endorsement. We cannot guarantee the content of each site (especially its ads).

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