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Blog — Christmas

Three Tips to Reduce Homeschool Stress During the Holidays (and $500 Giveaway!)

Posted by Michelle Osborn on

Why does homeschooling during this time equal stress for many of us? Why can't homeschooling be fun and stress-free during the holiday season? It took me years, but I did figure out how to reduce some of the homeschool stress during this time.

Realized you can’t do it all.

You can’t continue the regular homeschool routine...continue reading

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When You Feel Like a Homeschool Mom Failure

Posted by Michelle Osborn on

What do you do to change your negative thoughts when you feel like a homeschool mom failure? Let's be real. We all do at times.

I hope life and homeschool are going wonderfully and you are on top of the world, ready for the happiest time of the year. But if not, you will want to keep reading.

This is the time of year when we have settled into the school routine, attitudes are a normal part of the school day. Some days are rough and nothing seems to go as planned. It’s not.... continue reading

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