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About Us

As you know, curriculum can be very costly. We would like to help you in your homeschooling journey by providing you with several options that will fit your particular needs and help reduce the cost of curriculum. Choosing the right curriculum is crucial. We want to be here to assist you in the process in every way that we can. 

We are primarily a curriculum rental service, but we give you the options to purchase many of our products if you would rather not rent. We have a used curriculum market, downloads so you can access your purchases immediately, a "sell back" to us option, and  try before you buy (rent-to-own) options.  

We are continually on the look out for great deals so we can pass them on to you. Because of this, we may not carry all the grade levels of every subject or manufacturer. We keep our cost down by only buying products at the lowest prices, so we can then rent and sell the products to you at the best price possible.

As homeschooling parents and mentors, we realize that every child is unique, God’s beautiful and wonderful handiwork. With uniqueness comes individual learning styles. We try to provide detailed descriptions of our products so that you may make an informed decision. If you decide that the curriculum, rented or purchased, does not work for you or your child, you may return it for 90% store credit or 80% refund (please see return policy). Remember that paid orders of $150 or more, are shipped to you free of shipping charges.

Our rental service allows you to rent most products for a 10 month period. There are two choices: August through May or September through June. Some of our products are semester rentals (5 month period). Rental orders made after the month of September will be discounted. We spend July inspecting the products and preparing them for the following school year.  

We also have a try before you buy (rent-to-own) service for some of our products. If you rent a book and decide you like it enough that you want to purchase it, let us know. If it is available as a try before you buy (rent-to-own), we will charge you the purchase price minus your rental cost and it's yours to keep.

We hope you choose us to be a part of your homeschooling journey as you teach, challenge and inspire your children to serve the Lord and impact their world. 

Our mission is to serve the Lord through serving you!

Thank you for visiting,

 Michelle Osborn

The proud mom of four homeschooled children,
three of whom are now homeschool graduates. 
20 years of homeschooling and still going strong!