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Step by Step Tutorial on renting curriculum, choose, rent or purchase then checkout. 

NEW OPTION! Start your 10 month rental at anytime of the year! (video has not been updated yet) ANY rental can now be rented starting at any month of the year!

Let us know what month you would like your rental to begin in the box Special instructions for seller at the bottom left of the first page of check out. 


How does renting curriculum work?
Curriculum packages and books may be rented for the entire school year (August through May or September through June. The choice is yours) Some products are available for a Semester Rental (August through December OR January through May)  

Each product's rental period will be marked as a "Rental"- meaning for the school year, or as "Semester Rental" (for five months) The marked price is for the 10 month period (or semester period when specified) Life of Fred may be rented at any time of the year. You can specify when you want it in the notes at checkout.

(The rental option is not available for overseas orders)

  • Chose which rental option you want in the checkout process. Our rental service allows you to rent most products for a 10-month period. There are two choices: August through May or September through June. Some of our products are semester rentals (5-month period).
  • NEW OPTION! Start your 10 month rental at anytime of the year! Let us know in the box Special instructions for seller at the bottom left of the first page of check out. Please put the date that you would like the 5 month rental to begin. 
  • If you have a discount code, enter it on second page of checkout
  • Pay for your order.
  • We will ship your curriculum to arrive at the beginning of the month of your chosen rental period.
  • Use it, enjoy it, learn from it.
  • Ship it back to us at the end of your rental period. When we receive it, we will reimburse you the return shipping cost.

If you are interested in renting during a different time period, please let us know. We do our best to work with you, our valued customers, and your homeschool schedules. Email us letting us know the 10 month time period you need, and if possible, we will do our best to make it happen.

Life of Fred Elementary Series books can be rented at any time of the year. The rental period is for the Elementary and Intermediate Series are 5 months (semester) rentals. All other LOF books are 10-month rentals.

Rental orders may be placed at any time of the year, but all rentals will be due by June 30 of the school year rented. Most of the rentals are greatly reduced after October. 

    What if I order in the middle of the school year? If you place an order after the school year has started, your order will be sent right away and the rental due date will be 10 months later. If it is a semester rental, it will be due 5 months after.

    (Exception- Life of Fred) Life of Fred can be rented starting any time (month) of the year. When you Rent Life of Fred- there is a box Special instructions for seller at the bottom left of the first page of check out. Please put the date that you would like the 5 month rental to begin. We will ship out Life of Fred so you can receive them as close to the date as possible. (we cannot control USPS shipping times)

    Why are not all books available for rent? We cannot rent consumable books. These types of books are made to be written in. All books have copyright laws and are not to be reproduced without the manufacturer's permission. We do not want to promote this behavior.

    How long is the rental period? Rental and Semester: Rental- You have a 10 month rental period on all books unless stated otherwise in the description.. Semester- Some books are a semester rental or a 5-month rental period. This will be stated in the description as well.

    How do I know if the product is a purchase (I keep) or a rental?
    Each item, in the description box, will say purchase (you purchase it and keep it) or rental. The rental period, semester or 10 month period, will also be stated in the description. Some items, you may choose to purchase or rent.

    If books are listed as "purchase", are they new?
    All products will be marked as purchase (which means new) or purchase used, which means the product has been used or purchase by some else and is being resold. The condition of the book will be listed in the description.

    How does  "Try before you Buy"/Rent-to-Own work? (two payment plan)
    When you choose a product, purchase it as a rental.  This will give you the option to

    1) Return it when the rental period is done

    2) Rent with the intention of possibly keeping it (rent to own). At any time during your rental period you may email us at and let us know that you wish to purchase (keep) the rentals. We will then let you know the purchase price, minus the rental fee.

    3) Make two payments, one at the time you first rent or purchase the curriculum and the second one month prior to when you would like your order shipped out.

    Two Payment Plan. Purchase or rent your curriculum with 50% down and pay the final 50% when you are ready for us to ship your products. Please read details here

    More Payment Plans available in the checkout process

    When is the best time to order/purchase my rentals for the next school year?
    You may purchase and/or rent products at any time of the year.  But, when planning for the upcoming school year, spring or early summer is the best time to put in your order. Please allow for more time for your order to reach you when ordering in August and September, which is our busiest ordering season. We have a limited supply of some rentals.

    Can I get my purchased products sent right away?  Do I have to wait for all my purchases and rentals to be sent to me in August or September?
    Your order will be sent in one shipment unless otherwise requested.  You will have a choice in the checkout process to tell us whether you want your books sent in August or in September,

    What books can I SELL BACK to Yellow House Book Rental?
    Any new book (or selected DVD's) that was purchased from Yellow House Book Rental, can be sold back to us, as long as it meets our requirements.  Requirements are:  Book (DVD) is in excellent condition, only very slight sign of wear.  No water damage, writing or highlighting in the book.  You may contact us at,  for further instructions and requirements if you would like to sell any item back. The buyback price depends on the going rate of the used book price at the time. You would receive more if you choose store credit vs cash.

    Special order (rental and purchase): Estimated time of delivery- up to 2-3 weeks, depending on the time of year ordered. We place large orders to our manufacturers in August. So, most special orders are in stock in August if you have questions, please email us at

    What happens if my book/DVD gets damaged during my rental period?
    Please let us know by contacting us at   You will be charged for the full price of the book/DVD.  It will be yours to keep. If you return the book/DVD to us, and we deem that it is not in rental or saleable condition, you will be charged the full price of the book.

    Do I pay full price for a rental if I chose to rent in the middle of the school year?
    In October, we mark down our 10-month rental prices and then again in January. Please contact us for discounted prices available for renting full-year curriculum mid-year.

    Address to return rentals:
    Yellow House Book Rental
    2105 S 2800 E
    New Harmony, UT 84757

    Rental return directions