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Homeschooling Teens Successfully


Confidently Homeschooling Teens Masterclass Series 

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You must be homeschooling a teen or getting close!

Raising teenagers is hard work and homeschooling on top of it is even harder. But it can also be the most rewarding time for you and your teen. Let's walk this journey together. 

Now is the time to homeschool high school successfully. Be confident!

Have you ever asked yourself these questions?

Where do I begin?

Am I doing enough?

Am I doing what he needs to help prepare him for his future?

Am I offering the right classes?

Am I challenging her enough?

Will I mess up my kid by homeschooling!

I don’t have all the answers. But I have homeschooled four teenagers through high school, all of whom have successfully completed further education. Three went on to college, two graduated in three years, and one went on to trade school.

I began this journey not knowing what in the world I was doing. I learned so much, both in my own home and coaching and helping other families in a variety of situations. Now I want to pass that knowledge onto you.

I am here to help you! YOU can do it. YOU are amazing and because you love your children you can help them succeed.

So many parents get overwhelmed with the details. I'd love to help relieve  some of that stress.

Is will be packed with information that will help give you confidence in homeschooling your teen. We will cover all of the fears and questions mentioned above and so much more!

Topics covered in the course include: transcripts, diploma, Choosing the right courses, Test prep, Grading to help them learn, 4 year college prep guide and more.

My goal, always is to make the course a blessing, encouragement, and learning experience for you!

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Enjoy the journey!