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Apologia, Astromony and Summer Nights

Posted by Michelle Osborn on

Summer is an excellent time for start gazing. Intoxicated on Life has written up a simple guide for viewing the night sky this summer with your family.

As you and your family lay outside on a warm summer night, you might spark an interest in learning more about God, His creation, and the stars.

Check out Apologia's Exploring Creation with Astronomy

Apologia also offers a free e-book of 7 Science Activities from their award-winning, creation-based science curriculum, the Young Explorer Series. We have used this series, as well as the high school Apologia science books here at our Yellow School House and love it.

How do you are your family spend summer nights?

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Sonlight, Mystory of History and Notgrass History, Our Favorite History, Geography and Reading Curriculums

Posted by Michelle Osborn on

We love Sonlight, Mystery of History and No grass for our history curriculum because each one has been the best for our four children, depending on their ages, learning abilities or challenges. Each of these excellent history courses have been taught throughout different times of our homeschool journey, depending on the needs of my children. Let me explain......


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WriteShop-My Favorite Writing Program For My Child

Posted by Michelle Osborn on


Guest Post by Michelle Cleveland  

WriteShop is not only an excellent writing program, it is also excellent is helping the parent/teacher know what and how to teach and how to correct writing assignments! You can teach your child to write and the process does not need to be daunting! 

Although I enjoyed writing classes when I was in school (years and years ago), the idea of teaching our children a writing program was extremely intimidating and overwhelming. An experienced homeschooling friend (who was teaching her teens at the time) recommended I try WriteShop.

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Music is Powerful: Harness the Power in Your Homeschool

Posted by Michelle Osborn on

Music is Powerful- Ways to Harness the Power in Your Homeschool

 Guest post from Martha Reineke of FreeSchoolLinks. at


Have you ever laid in a hammock, or on a towel next to the ocean, listening to the sound of the waves lapping at the shore? There is just something about the rhythmic crash of the waves that lulls you into a state of relaxation. You cannot long rest near the shoreline without feeling the effects of the waves.

What if there were a way to have the effects of such a location, without having to travel long distances to the ocean? Similar to the lapping waves, is the beat of a drum, or the sway of a soothing melody. Music is powerful.

Music isn’t just a tool for physical and emotional therapy, however. Music, and learning to play an instrument have been directly linked to higher grades, improved cognitive function and increased concentration levels. Scientists at John’s Hopkins College have experimented with music and shown that educators who employ music in their classrooms have seen an improvement in their students’.... read more


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Mom, You Are Amazing!

Posted by Michelle Osborn on

Every year (well, maybe not every year) my children ask me the same question. After thinking about it, I decided I'd give them my real answer:

 What do I want for Mother's Day? I want you. I want you to keep coming home. Come over and laugh with me. I want.... continue reading

Giveaways and specials going on all month in honor you moms. Click here for more info

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