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4 Reasons Your High Schooler Should Try an Online Class

Posted by Michelle Osborn on

Guest post by Lisa Trombley and Bright Ideas Press

4 Reasons Your High Schooler Should Try an Online Class • Bright Ideas Press

Advances in technology have changed the way we educate our children. And I’m so thankful! Online classes provide wonderful benefits for both homeschool parent and student. There are many reasons why homeschoolers are choosing online classes, especially for their high school students.

Online Classes Relieve Stress for the Homeschool Parent

As a homeschool parent, we have many responsibilities. We are often teaching multiple students at different grade levels on top of our household duties. Many of us work part time or volunteer many hours per week at church or in homeschool co-ops. Enrolling our high schoolers in online classes lightens our load by removing from our shoulders the brunt of teaching and grading. As an added benefit, online classes typically have built in record keeping which makes high school transcript creation a breeze.

Online Classes are an Opportunity to Learn From an Expert.....continue reading

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The President Should NOT Be Your Child's Role Model

Posted by Michelle Osborn on

The President

Over the past month or so, I've seen so many parents talking about their distress that it might happen that the next U.S. President would be someone that they would not want to be their child's role model.

I sensed a lot of hopelessness about this, and wanted to share my own philosophy about role models and our children.

I wrote this well before the election, so please know that it is not aimed at any particular candidate. Instead, I want to encourage and build up parents and help them realize that they should be looking inward instead of outward.

Whether you are disappointed, elated, cautiously optimistic, or apathetic about the outcome of the election yesterday, I believe you will be encouraged by my message. Read it here.

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US Elections Resources and Freebies!

Posted by Michelle Osborn on

With the Elections Right Around the Corner, We have Found Some Great Resources for You!

Find a large  selection of Lapbooks, Games, and Unit Studies, US government curriculum, election cards and more to help your child or teen learn about the upcoming Presidential elections... just 33 days away!.... This way to find out more!

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