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US Elections Resources and Freebies!

Posted by Michelle Osborn on

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With the Elections Right Around the Corner, We have Found Some Great Resources for You!

Our Friends at Educents have quite a selection of Lapbooks, Games, and Unit Studies to help your child or teen learn about the upcoming Presidential elections... just 42 days away
Before you cast your vote this November, it is crucial for voters to read and understand each Party’s platform, as it is a firm indication of a candidate(s) values and beliefs. Regardless of the level of the elected office — federal, state or local — the Party your candidate aligns with is a sure sign of how he/she will vote — or be influenced to vote — while in office
Interesting thoughts on How Not to Waste Your Vote- A mathematical Analysis  This article would be best suited for high school and adult readers because of the complexity.
Free U.S President Election Cards from Research Parent

Purchase the Constitution Unit Package for only $3.75. 
Are you on the lookout for an excellent government or economics curriculum? We recommend Notgrass Government and Economics curriculum. You can rent or purchase it here right at Yellow House Book Rental!

As a parent and homeschool teacher, I loved it! My teens appreciated its straight forward style; challenging, yet interesting, something they were able to complete within a reasonable amount of time.
You and your child will explore the government of the United States from its beginning to the present day. The Biblical pattern for government and the U.S. Constitution is an important part of this curriculum. Add the Government Literature package for a semester literature credit. I always enjoy it when I can combine two or more subjects into one learning experience.

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