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A Study of Shakespeare's Hamlet for High School

Posted by Michelle Osborn on

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As part of my Shakespeare for High School series I would like to like to cover at least one tragedy and one comedy. While we have also covered Romeo and Juliet (which is also a tragedy), for the purposes of talking specifically about a Shakespearean tragedy we are going to study Hamlet.

Study Shakespeare's Hamlet - A guide to studying Shakespeare in High School from Starts At Eight

What is a tragedy?

In a tragedy, the main character is doomed by a singular fatal flaw. Shakespeare’s tragedies feature a wide array of flaws, and these flaws are the undoing of the main character. For example, you have ambition (Macbeth), vengeance (Hamlet), impulsiveness (Romeo), paranoia (King Lear) and jealousy (Othello).

A tragedy must also end in some tremendous catastrophe involving the death of the protagonist. 

Shakespearean Tragedies

Studying Shakespeare’s Hamlet

Brief Summary

Hamlet, Prince of Denmark, is visited by the ghost of his father and told that his uncle Claudius, who is now King, was responsible for his murder. Hamlet is torn about trying to avenge him..... read more at StartsAtEight

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