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So Many Homeschool Conference Choices!

Posted by Michelle Osborn on

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Most of us are now on day 15 of being "shut-in". How has life changed for you?
One big difference for the homeschool community is the homeschool conferences. So many homeschool conference choices! They normally kick off in the spring and go through the summer. Every one of one them, this year, is online. No on-location ones this year.
What makes it even harder to choose is that they all decided to do them at the beginning of April!
There are so many choices. Which one is right for you?
I hope that I can help you out by giving you a little summary of the ones I know then you can better choose which is best for you.

2020 Homeschool Mom Conference April 6th-10th, 2020

You will find encouragement, information, and resources for all things homeschool

I believe this one gives you the most bang for your buck.

What makes the 2020 Homeschool Moms Conference unique from the others?

  • Only $12 (early bird price now through April 5th) $20 April 6th-April 10th

  • MORE original, encouraging, practical sessions from your favorite homeschool speakers, authors, brands, and bloggers than any other online homeschool conference. NO REPEATED WORKSHOPS HERE! Click here to see the full list of session titles and descriptions!

  • Digital swag bag with over $900 in freebies and discounts for ALL attendees

  • Access to a conference community group full of fun, fellowship, giveaways, and contests

  • I am one of the speakers😊 My session- Homeschooling an Entrepreneur 

                    Teach Them Diligently at Home April 2nd through May 14th 
    You will find encouragement, information, and resources for all things homeschool.
    What makes the Teach Them Diligently at Home unique from the others?
    • All-access conference price $20
    • 66 excellent speakers- authors, parents, ministry leaders
    • The longest-running
    • A combination of live and recorded content

      The Homeschool Parenting Summit April 6-10, 2020 (relaunch) Focus on God’s simple plan for family discipleship. Recharge your motivation. Faithfully take action to raise children who love God and others

      What makes the Homeschool Parenting Summit unique from the others?

      • Free, but only for the length of the conference and each day's session are only available for a 24 hour period. If you purchase the all-access pass when you register (for free) the cost is $19.99

      • 25 Amazing speakers- authors, parents, ministry leaders

      • Focus is on parenting and family- for all parents (not just homeschooling parents)

      • Swag bag (value not listed)

        What do they ALL offer?
        • LIFETIME access to all session with paid registration
        • Access to an online vendor hall featuring top homeschool publishers offering EXCLUSIVE discounts
          Register for the Mom Conference or Teach Them Diligently, using my link and you can get, FREE instruction booklet on how to play brain strengthening games with cards and games that you might already have a home. ($29.95 value)
          This is my FREE gift to you for registering using my links to the conferences above. If you register for the free Parenting summit and upgrade your free registration to an all-access pass, you will also be able to the instruction booklet free.  
          Send a screenshot or forward me the registration to to get your brain strengthening games instruction booklet

          I am involved with all three so I get to choose all three, but I know that is not feasible for everyone. I would suggest the parenting summit because parenting is a HUGE part of homeschooling PLUS one of the other two homeschool conferences.
          Stay safe and healthy. I am here to help YOU! Let me know how I can.


          Enjoying the journey,


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          • Jennifer,
            Would you please send a screenshot or registration verification to and we would be happy to send you the games!

            Michelle Osborn on
          • Hi,
            I just registered for one of the conferences. How do I get the bonus brain games?
            Thanks for your time,

            Jennifer Eda on

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