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Homeschooling Your Entrepreneurial Child

Posted by Michelle Osborn on

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How do you homeschool your entrepreneurial child?
Summer is a perfect time for your child or teen to experiment with the idea of running their own business. 

Take advantage of the slower pace.

Children have more time on their hands to be able to experiment, pursue and strengthen their selling skills.
If you have a child that dreams big and has big ideas, you might be raising an entrepreneur.
If you are raising more than one child you know that each child is unique. Even though they may  have the same parents, and are raised in the same home they can be so very different. And if you have more than one child with entrepreneurial characteristics, they could eventually become owners and founders of vastly different businesses.

27 million or 51% percent of Americans are starting or running a business. Your child may already be in that percentage.

Are you aware that “recent research clearly indicates that in some cases, environment triggers genetic tendencies, certain situations trigger genes that would otherwise lie dormant”? James V. Koch

It is very important to know your child, see their strengths and help them develop those strengths. How Am I Smart?, or the updated version, 8 Great Smarts by Kathy Koch was so helpful to me in learning how to find these strengths in my children.

According to multiple studies, there may be an "entrepreneur gene"--or possibly people with certain genetic characteristics and personality traits that are more likely to be successful entrepreneurs than others. They have been “hard-wired” that way.

As your child grows, learns, and develops you may spot many of the characteristics that entrepreneurs have in common. 

I have written a guest post over at My Joy-Filled Life, Are You Raising an EntrepreneurFind out what we did in our home to encourage our entrepreneurial son who now is a very successful owner of several software companies.

One of the many perks to homeschooling is the extra time that your children have available to pursue their passions. Helping them find their giftings and equipping them to be successful in using their skill sets is a blessing that we as parents have been given. Learn how to spot an entrepreneurial mindset in your child and help him refine these skills so he can soar into adulthood with the tools needed to be his own boss.

What interested your entrepreneurial child most right now? How are you helping develop his or her skills? I'd love to find out. Comment below.

 YOU can listen to the interview with my son right here Matthew shares his perspective on being homeschooled and how he successfully pursued  his entrepreneurial goals. 

 In the Teen Entrepreneur Toolbox, Anthony ONeal walks teenagers through eight easy, practical steps for starting their own business. This is the must-have small-business guide for teens and parents.

I recently heard that the #1 skill a child should have before they leave home is how to sell. Whether they go on to become a entrepreneur or choose a different path. These selling skills will benefit them.

Homeschooling provides a unique environment that nurtures well-rounded, resilient individuals ready to thrive in today's every changing world. It also allows you to hone in on your child's specific skills that will prepare them to use their strengths in life and career.


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Update, April, 2024. Matthew's company was named one of the top 5,000  fastest growing companies in the US by INC 5,000 in 2022. and soon was able to sell the company for several million. He is now pursuing several avenues to continue using his skills! God has truly blessed him and used his talents to bless many. 

Enjoying the journey,


  Michelle Osborn is the owner and founder of Homeschooling Teens Successfully and Yellow House Book Rental, specializing in providing homeschool curriculum for rent or purchase, as well as counseling and guidance for homeschool families. She is a wife, a 22-year homeschool veteran, and mom of four children and six grandchildren. Two of her children are now entrepreneurs, running their own successfully businesses. Michelle’s passions include serving by leading worship at her church and encouraging homeschool moms through one on one, social media and speaking engagements. She has found her niche in helping parents homeschooling their teens through the high school years and on to pursue their dreams.

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