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What is Life of Fred Math?

Posted by Michelle Osborn on

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Did you know that you can RENT Life of Fred and save up to 50%? Life of Fred books are non-consumable books, stories really, making them the perfect books for renting.

So, what exactly is all this Life of Fred talk? Why does Everyone love Life of Fred?

Are your children tired of the drill and kill math approach? Thousands of Homeschoolers have turned to the Life of Fred Math Books for a fun way to learn math. Homeschool math has never been easier. 

Instead of dry exposition and endless exercises, these books are filled with the fun and page-turning tales of Fred Gauss, a child prodigy math genius born on the western slopes of the Siberian mountains. During his hilarious adventures, he encounters everyday math situations that call for solving mathematical problems. Children actually want to read these books!! 

Is your little one not quite ready for formal math instruction?

Life of Fred is a great way to introduce them to math concepts without them even knowing is just a fun story!

  • In the math curriculum world, Life of Fred books are reasonably priced. (Rent them for extra savings!)
  • The answers are included in the book so there is no need for an additional teacher’s manual.
  • The books are not consumable, making it easy to share with other students.
  • Most parents like how Fred makes math meaningful and applicable to the real world.
  • Life of Fred makes word problems fun!

    All Life of Fred Books can be rented or purchased here at Yellow House  Book Rental

    The elementary series of Life of Fred contains 10 books. Here is a sample of concepts covered in each of the books.

    Elementary Set 1 for 1st through 4th grade:

    • Life of Fred Apples
    •  numbers that add to 7, skip counting by fives, zero, counting by hundreds and shapes. Not to be limited to just math concepts, Apples covers concepts like: dressing for cold weather, deciduous trees, and the colors of the rainbow.
    • Life of Fred Butterflies
    • numbers that add to 9, ordinal numbers, skip counting by twos, and baker’s dozen. Other concepts like: Orion’s Belt, lie vs. lay, and how to set the table.
    • Life of Fred: Cats
    • numbers that add to 13, volume, prime numbers and right angles. Other concepts like: quarter and half notes, morse code and English words that do not contain vowels
    • Life of Fred: Dogs
    • numbers that add to 17, doubling, bar graphs, and constant functions. Other concepts like: ATM cards, isotopes of hydrogen, and macronutrients.
    • Life of Fred: Edgewood
      • numbers that add to 8, 10 and 12, parallel lines, median, average, and greater than. Other concepts like: importance of seat belts, gibbous moons and symptoms of hypothermia.
    • Life of Fred: Farming
      • adding to 14 and 16, borrowing one in subtraction, and percents. Other concepts like: oxymorons and proof that every number is interesting.
    • Life of Fred: Goldfish
      • weights and measures, multiplying by ten, hundred and thousand, and estimating sums. Other concepts like: similes, waning moon, and keeping your word.
    • Life of Fred: Honey
      • long division, commutative law of multiplication, and division by two numbers. Other concepts like: atoms, time zones, and why bees do not make honeycombs in the shape of squares.

    Life of Fred Intermediate Series- 4th and 5th grade

              Life of Fred: Kidneys

    • word problems, polar form of complex numbers and scores, dozens, and braces. Other concepts like: idioms, why we have two kidneys, and the economics of free things.
    • Life of Fred: Liver
      • Pythagorean theorem, pie charts, reducing fractions, and finding an average. Other concepts like: passing the SAT exam, treble and bass clefs, and what livers do.
    • Life of Fred: Mineshaft
      • rounding numbers, division by 100, inverse operations, and converting inches into feet. Other concepts like: Greek alphabet, italicizing book titles, and the 4 types of sentences.
    • Life of Fred: Fractions
      • circumference, least common multiples, improper fractions, and division of fractions. Other concepts like: Boyle’s Law of Gasses and onomatopoetic words.
    • Life of Fred: Decimals and Percents
      • squaring a number, Pi, area of circle, and ratios. Other concepts like: when Lincoln used the vigesimal system.
    • Life of Fred: Elementary Physics
      • graphing points, normal forces, static vs kinetic friction, and addition of vectors. Other concepts like: you are alive because ice floats, how water fountains work, and special glass in auto windshields.
    • Life of Fred: Pre-Algebra 1 with Biology
      • volume of a cube, the five kingdoms, subsets of sets, and negative numbers. Other concepts like: the correct way to deliver flowers to a hospital patient.
    • Life of Fred: Pre-Algebra 2 with Economics
      • domain and codomain of a function, interest rates, demand curves, and steps to solving word problems. Other concepts like: tulip mania in Holland and what a real $100,000 looks like.

    If you are just starting the series with your high school student, it is recommended to start with Life of Fred Pre-Algebra 2 with Economics. This book contains important skills to understanding how to solve word problems.

    Life of Fred High School courses:

    Life of Fred College Prep - Yellow House Book Rental

    High School Set 1:

    • Life of Fred: Beginning Algebra
      • laws, quadratic equations, factoring, functions and slope, and inequalities and absolute value. Other concepts like: 2000 digits of Pi and the i before e rule.
    • Life of Fred: Zillions of Practice Problems for Beginning Algebra
      • The title of this book says it all. Readers asked for more practice of the lessons learned in Beginning Algebra and this book was written. Every problem in the book contains detailed answers. It is even noted completing the book gives students the ability to teach Beginning Algebra anywhere.
    • Life of Fred: Advanced Algebra
      • matrices, polynomials, proportions, sets, exponents, functions, and more graphing. Other concepts like: a short discussion of tachyons.
    • Life of Fred: Zillions of Practice Problems for Advanced Algebra
      • The title of this book says it all. Readers asked for more practice of the lessons learned in Advanced Algebra and this book was written. Every problem in the book contains detailed answers. It is even noted completing the book gives students the ability to teach Advanced Algebra anywhere.

    High School Set 2

    • Life of Fred: Geometry
      • Time to change gears with geometry. Instead of computing answers, it is time to look at math like a puzzle. It covers points and lines, solid geometry, symbolic logic, triangles, angles, area, flawless geometry, and proofs. Other concepts like: the difference between iambic, trochaic, anapestic and dactylic in poetry.
    • Life of Fred: Trigonometry
      • sines, cosines and tangents, trig functions of any angle, inverse trig functions, and polar coordinates. Other concepts to prepare you for Calculus.

    Please note that there is a Companion Guide for Trigonometry but if you purchase the expanded edition, the companion guide is included.

    University Level courses

    Often kids want to read the Calculus book, not for the math concepts but to learn about the first five years of Fred’s life.

    You can also purchase Life of Fred Language Arts books for the middle and high school years. 

    This is what a few moms have to say about Life of Fred

    "It IS a breath of fresh air. My eldest begs for me to read the next chapter. His attitude toward math is amazing when we read Life of Fred. We really want to have the Calculus book because several times throughout the first few books it says things are explained in the calculus book. That’s a long way from Life of Fred Dogs." Heidi P

    "We can not love Fred any more than we do. We appreciate the quirkiness and the math, we wish we can meet Fred!
    It is the only math books we read more than once?" Annerian

    "Love of Fred has rocked in our homeschool!! My son was getting so burnt out on math and now enjoys it again.: Christine Z.


    Enjoying the journey,


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