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Improving Memory Issues in Learning

Posted by Michelle Osborn on

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Improving memory issues in learning is not only possible but necessary to help your child succeed!
I have talked with so many moms that tell me, "My child doesn't remember anything I am teaching them. They read a paragraph and then immediately forget what they read."
"I explain something to them and then ask a question and they look at me like a deer with headlights in their eyes!"
"It is so frustrating! I don't know what to do. I've tried everything!"
This was me about five years ago and then our homeschool life changed when I learned about Carol Brown and Equipping Minds. I read the following in an HSLA article.
Signs of memory challenges:
1. A student may read a word and forget it a few lines later.
2. Difficulty following multistep directions.
3. Difficulty keeping multiple sounds and letters in order for reading and
4. Difficulty remembering basic math facts and steps to math problems.
5. Difficulty listening and taking notes.
6. Difficulty making decisions.
7. Difficulty getting thoughts on paper and remembering the sequence of a story, grammatical rules, spelling, and letter formation.
Since that time, I have developed a friendship with Dr. Carol Brown and Equipping Minds. We, my daughter and I, spent about a year going through a program specifically designed by Dr. Brown for our daughter to help her with her working memory. 
I purchased Equipping Minds Cognitive Package. My daughter spent a few months with a therapist, one on one. At the same time, I went through the 6-hour training workshop included in the EM package. I also sat through most of the sessions and learned as I watched her therapist so then I could do it myself with my daughter. By the way, her therapist was the best. We still keep in contact. Little by little, we weaned off of the sessions with her therapist and moved to her and me together.
I created a homeschool class, Improving Working Memory and Critical Thinking and used the time we spent with Equipping Minds as a course in school.
At the same time, I removed a couple of homeschool classes. There was just not enough time in our school schedule to add this extra time into our school day (one hour a day, five days a week for the first few months)
I chose to remove the classes where she needed to read, comprehend and remember because this is where she was struggling the most. I realized that continuing these classes when she wasn't making any progress was a waste of time, but time with Equipping Minds was completely worth the time.

Remember that you get to choose the classes, what counts as a class, what doesn't and how many credits will be given for that class. (what count as high school credit?)

Carol was so gracious to do a live workshop for Homeschooling Teens Successfully and Yellow House Book Rental Facebook followers. If you missed it you can watch the reply here.
Get Dr. Carol Brown's 38 page download for free HERE. Use code EMgames on second page of checkout.
Although this free handout is excellent and so very helpful, I would strongly encourage you to spend the time and money on one of the Equipping Minds programs if you feel that your child is struggling in any of the areas mentioned above. I am one to always save money, scrimp by when I can, look for the deals, you get the picture, but I am so glad we spent the money on Equipping Minds for our daughter. It was worth every penny and saved us from continued heartache and tears!
If you have questions about our journey, please ask! I'd be happy to talk with you.  

Enjoying the journey,


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