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WriteShop-My Favorite Writing Program For My Child

Posted by Michelle Osborn on

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Guest Post by Michelle Cleveland  

WriteShop is not only an excellent writing program, it is also excellent is helping the parent/teacher know what and how to teach and how to correct writing assignments! You can teach your child to write and the process does not need to be daunting! 

Although I enjoyed writing classes when I was in school (years and years ago), the idea of teaching our children a writing program was extremely intimidating and overwhelming. An experienced homeschooling friend (who was teaching her teens at the time) recommended I try WriteShop. I’m happy I did! I must confess that I’m not a meticulous planner, nor am I super organized. I felt comfortable with this program.


I must confess that I’m not a meticulous planner, nor am I super organized. I felt comfortable with this program. WriteShop does require preparation for familiarity and organization of each lesson, which is essential for teaching the child. The focus of WriteShop is to provide the student with the right tools for writing and is done so in a step-by-step (incremental) fashion. Carefully organized, the teacher’s manual contains plans for 30 lessons, tips for editing and evaluating, examples of encouraging comments, ways to address common errors, and how to recognize common problems of mechanics (the way a student puts writing together). Pre-writing activities correspond with certain lessons.

A schedule is included, as well, to help keep assignments on track. The included writing skills checklists are valuable in helping the student know what is expected for each lesson. For the teacher/parent who wants to give a grade for each paper, the evaluation sheets clearly and simply fit the ticket. Along with each lesson in the student binder, there are several pages of helpful word lists (weak words, transition words, prepositions list, etc.), which I absolutely consider to be essential. With WriteShop, the student will learn, practice, and build on each concept while learning descriptive, informative, and narrative writing.

WriteShop works well as either a class to work through personally with your child or as a co-op class. In a co-op setting, one parent/teacher may teach and the others can evaluate papers. If parents want to rotate teaching the lessons, that seems to work fine, too. So, the advice from this teaching-at-home mom is to realize that you can teach your child to write and that the process does not need to be daunting. 

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WriteShop has always been Yellow House Book Rentals personal favorite. I have used it with all four of my children. Three of my four, who have attended college have done excellent on writing assignments given by college professors. In fact several professors have given comments about how well they write. All four have different learning styles and two are not naturally good writers, but the WriteShop foundation gave them what they needed to construct a well-written paper or essay. I highly recommend it.

  HI, I'm Michelle Osborn, the owner and founder of Yellow House Book Rental, I am a homeschool mom of four, two married, college graduates, one beginning college this fall and one teen at home. I love homeschooling and helping homeschool families make homeschooling more affordable.


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