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Winter Games 2018 and Homeschooling

Posted by Michelle Osborn on

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With the Winter Games coming up, we will have some great opportunities to teach our children. (Free resources listed below)

I completely agree with the thoughts below by Kathy Koch

"Think for a minute about clips you've seen on TV or social media that encourage you. Like me, do you remember ones of dads helping children finish races when they're too tired to finish on their own? How about the ones of other athletes stopping to help runners who fall even though it means they won't win? These people inspire me!

As I watch the Olympics beginning this Friday, I'm going to be watching to see who is and who isn't other-centered. People who put others first and live one-another lifestyles are winners in my book. How do you want your children to define winning?"

Head over to our Free Resources page and enjoy learning with your children as you watch the Winter Games.

What is your favorite winter sport to watch? (My favorite is Ice Skating)

Enjoying the journey,


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