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What is Your Homeschool Style?

Posted by Michelle Osborn on

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If you’ve been educating your children at home for any amount of time, then you’ve most likely heard about having a homeschool style. Although there are many to choose from, you don’t have to feel pressured to narrow it down to just one. Contrary to popular belief, most people share characteristics of multiple styles. If you have no idea what your homeschool style is and would like to figure it out, keep reading!

What is a homeschool style?

In a nutshell, a homeschool style is used to describe the ways in which you choose to educate your children. As you’ll read below, each style has its method that makes it unique and stand out from the next. Homeschool styles shouldn’t be used in a way to change the way your children learn, or even the way you parent.

Instead, these styles should be used as guides to help compliment your children’s overall education journey, their way of learning, and your way of teaching. As you put more years behind you, you’ll probably notice a shift in your homeschool style and this is completely normal. In fact, your style should change as your children get older. What works for you now may not work later, and that’s okay!

With these things in mind, let’s look at the most common homeschool styles used today.

Top 6 Homeschool Styles

As you read through the following styles, take note of what resonates with you. Better yet, download my free Find Your Homeschool Style printable to see which one(s) best describe your homeschool.


This method is considered relaxed and child-centered. Whatever the child’s interests are is what’s used as their lessons and learning experiences. There is an emphasis placed on activity-based projects and learning as you go. Although parents take more of the facilitator role, there is some systematic teaching with basic skills.


Most families who don’t want to be tied down to a set curriculum typically go the eclectic route. There is flexibility in every area, including using several different resources and allowing for quick adjustments. This is another child-centered method that just so happens to have one of the largest support group systems.This is my style.

Charlotte Mason

This is among the most popular because of its faith-based, literature focused method. It uses a child discovery style with short study periods and is easy on the budget. It places a high emphasis on nature walks, using journals, and keeping portfolios. It is also fairly flexible and draws the attention of most Christian families.


The Classical style has methods that reach back into ancient Rome and Greece. The child has a set of learning concepts per grade and uses a chronological reading plan. Parents looking for scheduled lessons, pre-made curriculum, and a more structured learning experience enjoy the Classical approach to education.

Unit Studies

Although it’s a newer method, unit studies have been used for quite some time. What makes this style stand alone in recent days is its ability to accommodate just about every learning style. It has also become the go-to method for families that are homeschooling multiple children that span across a wide time frame. Unit studies allow multiple subjects to easily be taught together.


This style focuses on experiments and activities with subjects not separated from one another (similar to unit studies). It focuses on nurturing the whole child: mind, body, and spirit. Parents especially like this style because textbooks are not used until the child is older. It is another style that focuses on the learn as you go approach as well.


Finding your style or styles can help you better enjoy homeschooling days, months, and years. With a wide variety of curriculum and resources available today, you’ll be able to accommodate your style(s) with the perfect touch.

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Enjoying the journey,


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