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New Video Games for Christian Kids

Posted by Michelle Osborn on

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We're excited to introduce you to TruPlay Games, a new company that offers video games for Christian kids! As parents, we want to provide our children with fun activities that align with our family's values and promote positive growth. Many parents may struggle to find safe screen-time activities that align with their religious beliefs.  TruPlay Games aims to provide concerned parents with a safe and entertaining screen-time option. The team at TruPlay understands the importance of ensuring that kids' screen time is engaging and positively impacts their development. The games are designed to foster Christian values, encourage positive character traits, and promote critical thinking skills. Moreover, parents can relax, knowing their children are safe from unsavory content and harmful messages.

Dangerous Media Aimed at Children

Unfortunately, many regular video games and apps aimed at kids have ad placements and chat features that can endanger them. Ads are often for products and media unsuitable for kids and sometimes contain inappropriate content like horror movies or other apps you disapprove of. Chat features can expose kids to harmful content and bad influences, as well as cyberbullying and grooming. As a result, many parents are rightly concerned about letting their kids use such apps and games. TruPlay Games provides a safe alternative that eliminates such risks, allowing parents to let their kids play in a secure and nurturing environment without worrying about harm.

One of the standout features of TruPlay Games is the abundance of games with Christian allegory. These games are full of biblical symbolism and references, allowing children to have fun while also deepening their knowledge of the Bible and the teachings of Jesus. TruPlay's games range from adventure and puzzle games to games that focus on building relationships with others, allowing kids to find a game that resonates with them and aligns with their unique interests.

Video Games for Christian Kids

TruPlay Games believes that screen time can be transformative, so they have incorporated redeeming gameplay into each game. These elements encourage kids to approach the games with a growth mindset and develop critical thinking skills. The redeeming gameplay promotes Christian values, such as forgiveness, truthfulness, and empathy. One of my kids' favorite games is Maple and the Forest of Words. This plays like a Mario game where the character jumps and maneuvers within the scene to collect things and get through to the end of the world. A story is woven throughout with Biblical principles and inspiring dialog. 

These video games for Christian kids provide a unique and necessary space for Christians looking for quality video games and entertainment. With its emphasis on safe screen time, positive character development, and redeeming gameplay, TruPlay Games offers a unique and innovative product that can entertain and educate young minds. So why not try it out today? Sign up for TruPlay Games and see how your children can have fun while learning about Christian values.

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