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Apologia, Astromony and Summer Nights

Posted by Michelle Osborn on

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 Revised Aug 2, 2018

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Summer is an excellent time for star gazing. Intoxicated on Life has written up a simple guide for viewing the night sky this summer with your family.

You will also want to check out Meteor Party at Experience 

The best time to see the Perseid’s meteor shower will be the night of Sunday, August 12th into the early morning of August 13th.

Another good night will be the night of Saturday the 11th into the morning of the 12th.

Meteor showers are best visible after midnight, but if you don’t feel like staying up that late, you can still see meteors in the evening after sunset.

As you and your family lay outside on a warm summer night, you might spark an interest in learning more about God, His creation, and the stars.

Check out Apologia's Exploring Creation with Astronomy

Apologia also offers a free e-book of 7 Science Activities from their award-winning, creation-based science curriculum, the Young Explorer Series. We have used this series, as well as the high school Apologia science books here at our Yellow School House and love it. Rent and purchase Science books on Astronomy and Apologia science here at YHBR.

How about adding art while learning about space. Check out space video art courses. Perseid Meteor Shower art lesson here

How do you are your family spend summer nights?


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