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Who is God? And Can I Really Know Him? Curriculum Review

Posted by Michelle Osborn on

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Who is God? And Can We Really Know Him Curriculum review
Do you like a structured homeschool Bible curriculum or do you like doing your own thing? Both are great choices! But no matter the choice, I do believe that we need to spend time teaching our children biblical truths and a biblical worldview, whether it during the school day with curriculum or together as a family outside of the school day schedule.

When my children were young up through when my oldest started high school, I did not do a structured Bible curriculum during our school day. We did a family devotional each night before our children went to bed. There are so many excellent devotionals for children. It was not hard to find ones that fit our children’s’ age range. I asked on several of the Facebook groups that I am a part of the question, “What is your favorite Bible curriculum?” I never got the same answer twice. This just goes to show that there are so many out there. And each responded that they loved what they were using.

I came across Who is God and Can I Really Know Him? when I started Yellow House Book Rental, by then my children were teenagers. But I think I would have liked using this Bible curriculum. I would have read it with them or let me older children take turns reading and we would discuss what we read as a family. I am still amazed at what my younger children picked up on and remembered in those discussions and reading times that I thought were geared more toward my older children.

"Who is God? lays the foundational truths upon which a biblical Christian worldview is built; God is truth and He reveals His truth to people. It is important to teach our children what truth is and where do we go to find it." ( Our children are bombarded with messages every day through social media, friends, music, movies and more. They are all telling our children something about life, their identity, beauty, relationships, morality, and faith. It is so important the our “message” is the one they hear the loudest and is the clearest.

Who is God? And Can We Really Know Him is divided into 10 lessons. Each lesson contains:

The Big Idea-  an introduction to the main topic

What will you do?- learning objectives

Short Story- some lessons contain a short story

Think about it- thought-provoking questions to dig deeper in the story

Words You need to know- vocabulary words and definitions for important words in each lesson

Hide it in your heart- a Bible memory verse

Integrated learning- interesting articles with an age-appropriate approach to interdisciplinary topics related to the main text

What should I do? A specific godly character trait that the child should demonstrate in response to what he has learned

Prayer- each lesson concludes with a prayer

Worldview study- each lesson is part of an ongoing study that introduces your child to the concept of a worldview

Houses of truth- a hands-on memory aid. A visual model constructed one step at a time 

The introduction gives a recommended lesson plan suggesting two weeks for each lesson, three days a week. But this can be adapted easily to meet your family’s needs.

Each lesson is approximately 30 pages. You can view a sample of the first lesson here.  All four books in the What We Believe series follow this same format.

What We Believe Series Voted #1

There are four titles in the What We Believe series:

Who Is God? And Can I Really Know Him?

Who Am I? And What Am I Doing Here?

Who Is My Neighbor? And Why Does He Need Me?

What On Earth Can I Do?

Enjoying the journey,


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