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The Secret to Your Child's Success: The Benefits of Music Education

Posted by Michelle Osborn on

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By Kathryn Brunner, Founder of Musik at Home, LLC 

Out of all the lullabies I sang to my daughter when she was a baby, there was one she absolutely loved the most. It was a little song about an owl waiting for dawn to come. I can't tell you how many times I rocked her while singing that sweet tune. 

It's now been a while, maybe a year or so, since I sang this lullaby to her. She is now seven-years-old and I was floored recently when I heard the melody of the lullaby coming from our piano. My heart just melted. 

She had figured out how to play the notes of the melody on the piano without any prompting from me, or without any recent exposure to the song. Her mind had captured the melody and she was ready to gift it back to the world.

It’s natural for parents to sing to their babies and then for children to sing back to us. But here’s the thing...singing is actually incredibly good for our children, and not just for fun or a way to get them to fall asleep. 

It’s good for them to mimic rhythm and tonal patterns. It’s good for them to repeat songs over and over. It is good for them to memorize words and verses and paragraphs. Music Education plays a huge role in a child’s cognitive development, and it doesn’t have to be hard. 

Early childhood music education is simply a structured way to engage children with the power of music. It takes something they naturally love (Music) and helps them step into a lifetime of musical joy because it gives them foundational tools to understand it (Music) and intelligently interact with it

In fact, research shows that engaging young children with repetitive musical exercises and games that build on one another can improve their abilities in an incredible variety of areas, including: 

  • vocabulary 
  • listening skills
  • math skills
  • literacy levels
  • creativity
  • motor function
  • emotional well being
  • coordination
  • focus 
  • executive function

And over time, you’ll see the early childhood music education experience become a seamless onramp to studying an instrument at the right time. Here’s a snapshot of how it work: 

  • In the earliest stages of music education, songs and fun activities move easily into do-re-mi and a basic knowledge of how musical patterns work. 
  • Do re-mi flows seamlessly into learning to play those sounds on the black and white keys on the piano. 
  • Black and white keys flow into playing scales, crossing over into different octaves (they’ll actually know what octaves are).
  • This flows seamlessly into your child’s recital repertoire, and then they’re off – growing with the kind of focused discipline that well practiced musicianship brings.

It’s pretty incredible. The power of music really does have so much to offer our children and our families at home, including yours.

Here at Musik at Home, our classes aim to do ALL of this. We start by strengthening your child’s cognitive abilities by building repetitively on foundational musical concepts. 

Just by exposure to our classes your child will be engaging both the left and right sides of the brain, training concentration, encouraging the use of motor skills, helping each child bond emotionally with loving adults and much more. 

What’s even more amazing is that you can access all these benefits for your child at home. I created Musick at Home so all parents, even those who don’t consider themselves musical, can reap the rewards of music education. Not only will I walk you through each step of early childhood music, you won’t have to leave your house! You’ll discover how to nurture and grow your child’s musical talent at each developmental stage with simple movements and delightful songs. 

I love homeschooling families so much that I’d love to give you a 30 day free trial. All you need to do is head over to the free month membership page to sign up for 30 free days of musical memories with your child ($16 Value). 

You’ll be able to easily fit these short music lessons into your homeschool day and you’ll quickly see the benefits of an early childhood music education that sets your child up for success not only in terms of music, but in all areas of life. 

I’d love to help you set goals for your child’s musical growth. To get started, grab my free 2020 Music Planner & Instrument Practice Chart ($10 Value!). 



Bio: Kathryn Brunner, M.A. is music a educator who is passionate about child development and music literacy. With almost 20 years of teaching experience, she is on a mission to help parents and children enjoy making music together at home. She has taught hundreds of children how to become artists at the piano, and she has had the privilege of leading thousands of young children in joyful musical play in her piano and Musikgarten studio, church and community. She now offers her early childhood music classes online at to prepare children for a lifetime of meaningful musicianship. 

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