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Play is Essential for All Ages

Posted by Michelle Osborn on

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Early Childhood Educational Printable

God must be trying to tell me something. Just in the last two days I have come across several post and memes telling me to PLAY, close the laptop, and have fun. (But here I am, writing this blog first! I need to have record of this to come back to often and remember!  

I love to have fun and especially enjoy doing it will my family! But it is very easy for me, who naturally tends to lean toward the idea, "Get the work done first and then play." to remember this and put it into action.

Here are some of the posts and memes that God used to catch my attention to put the work down and PLAY! I'd like to share them with you.

Play and Children's Learning *

Ted Talks on Play is more than just fun. "JPL, NASA and Boeing, before they will hire a research and development problem solver -- even if they're summa cum laude from Harvard or Cal Tech -- if they haven't fixed cars, haven't done stuff with their hands early in life, played with their hands, they can't problem-solve as well. So play is practical, and it's very important."

Playing with LEGOS is a great way to "work' with your hands!


Limiting screen time is one of the biggest battles that families face. Screen time robs us of real communication and play. Our tech, instant, me-centered culture makes self-control more difficult.Screens and Teens will give you ideas to help yourself and your children learn to manage screen time better. 


Three reasons to keep your laptop closed this weekend

A working paper, “Is Kindergarten the New First Grade?,” confirms what many experts have suspected for years: The American kindergarten experience has become much more academic—and at the expense of play.

Learning with hands-on activities making learning turn into play!

Educents is a great place to find educational toys, experiments and hands-on learning!  Great ideas to get you started right here!

Kids love to play, but they often tire of their new toys quicker than we parents would like. Here's and idea, rent toys

So let's begin today! Get out the toys, drive to the park, beach, zoo or just walk out to your backyard and start playing! Engage in communication with your family. Work/play with your hands. But most of all HAVE FUN doing it!

How do you incorporate play into your homeschool and busy family life? We'd love to hear about it.

Loving the crazy, homeschool, family life and all the blessings it brings


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