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It was one of those days!

Posted by Michelle Osborn on

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I was on phone with one service representative, when I hear a knock at the door. I was not expecting anyone. I was in sweats, that didn't match, and had done nothing with my hair, I mean nothing! My black and white polka-dotted slippers completed my look. I smiled as I opened the door hoping that would help my look. It was a service man that I had forgotten we called. He had to come in. 

Several other calls came in. and keep my phone beeping, while I was still on the phone with the service representative.  

My daughter was ready for my help with school. I told her she needed to wait a minute. She knew that meant it could be awhile, so she decided to watch TV,... "the TV is not working, Mom."  

I opened to my new computer-- there was something seriously wrong with it, so I tried my old computer, not working either. Oh, where were my glasses! This was the second day of hunting for them. They nowhere to be found!

I heard the dog heaving in the living room. "Mom! I think the dog is sick!" Why they don't put her out when they are right beside her, I don't understand. I ran to put her outside before there was another mess to clean up.

I ended the phone call, (yes I was multi-tasking this whole time)  The service man left. I walked down the hall and found water leaking from a vent in the ceiling. How did I find this leak? I stepped in the big puddle on the floor. 

The day was not even half over.

I love Kristina Kuzmic's videos. Here's one to remind you that you are AMAZING even when you have one of those days.

 How do you handle "one of those days?"


Michelle Osborn is a homeschool mom of four. Three homeschool graduates and one teenager at home. She is the owner of Yellow House Book Rental, a service to homeschool families


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