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Limit Social Media Time: College Prep 101

Posted by Michelle Osborn on

College Prep 101: Limit Social Media Time | Teach teens the value of unplugging during school time.

Your teen lives in the modern world. Between phone calls, texting, email, instant messages, Snapchat, and any other number of social media opportunities that distract him, he has to learn to establish boundaries for himself in order to get any work done at all.

Do Not Disturb

When students are hammering out a paper or other project, there should be none of this electronic interruption until they’ve finished, and for good reason. Setting aside these distractions is sort of like hanging an e-version of the “Do Not Disturb”....continue reading


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They will grow up. Preparping your children.

Posted by Michelle Osborn on

Some days, it feels as if my young children will never grow up, and ten days feel like ten years. Some days, I blink and they are grown and graduated, and ten years flew by like ten days. So how do we create the best path for our kids from birth to life after graduation?

My goals might be: I want my children to unquestioningly obey God's commands and my commands.... continue reading

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