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Welcome to Yellow House Book Rental! We are primarily a homeschool curriculum, rental service. However, we offer a variety of services. You can compare each one, at Yellow House Book Rental, and decide which is best for your family.

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🎵 Unlock your teen's musical potential with "Beginning Music Theory for Teens"! This brand-new self-paced online course covers note names, rhythms, ear training, and so much more. Get a 20% launch sale discount with code THEORY20 until Sep 7. 



8 Reasons to Rent Homeschool Curriculum


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Raising a teen leader is hard work, but remember, you are moving mountains!


Confidently Homeschooling Teens Masterclass Series registration is has closed. Click here for more info and to get on the waitlist. We will contact you when they next course opens!



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10 Exciting Astronomy Videos to Use in Your Homeschool

Astronomy videos and answers

Music & Fine Arts Membership for PreK thru High School get on the witlist for the next registration




Rent homeschool curriuclum and save!













3 Tips to Reduce Homeschool Stress During the Holidays


Bad moments don't make bad mamas

What Does Homeschooling Really Look Like?


Apologia Science

Homeschooling an Entrepreneur


Will My Children Ever Grow Up?


 Life of Fred


Homeschooling through the holidays: Fun school Ideas for the busy mom