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Mamas, You Are Moving Mountians!

Posted by Michelle Osborn on

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Guest post from Erica at Enrichment Studies


Today as I was planning for an upcoming trip to support and encourage one of our children, I had many thoughts going through my mind about the nature of motherhood, and this came to mind: Moms move mountains.

If our children are typical kids with all of the regular growing up needs, interests to be explored, talents to be developed, ups and downs of every age and stage--we're there making sure they get what they need.

If we have a sick child, we're right in there, comforting, caring, learning how to help, and figuring out how to take care of everybody and everything within the context of the new normal. 

If we have a child that struggles to learn, we fight through our lack of experience to find a way to help them, either by developing a new skill set ourselves or enlisting the help of others. We find a way. Moms are the original "No Child Left Behind" crew.

If our child is far away and needs letters, care packages, or visits from loved ones, even if you have been unable to afford a real vacation forever, somehow you find a way to show up, clap, cheer, hug, and Be There. Whatever it takes.

In hundreds of big and small ways every day, we show up, we love big, and we get the job done.

In Matthew 17:20 in the Bible we are told that if we have faith as small as a mustard seed, we can move mountains and nothing is impossible for us. Today I'm imagining all of you homeschool moms as mighty mountain-moving mustard seeds all over the world! There you are, having the faith to say, "I believe I can teach my child at home," and you set off on your path, moving mountains day after day, year after year.

Can you see yourself this way? Can you stand up and put your hands on your hips, throw your shoulders back and announce to yourself, "I move mountains!"? Do it! Right now! And repeat as often as necessary all year long. Because even on your most tired, discouraged, just-let-them-watch-an-educational-video kind of a day, you still got this, sister. You do!

This year marks 20 years since I started homeschooling. That sounds crazy to me! But here we are. And do you want to know how we got here? One day at a time. One step at a time. One decision at a time. Time is the current that carries us along the river of life, and our decisions steer us as we go.


As you move forward with this school year, I just want to encourage you to remember you are moving mountains! You may not even know what or how big that mountain is today, but with each faithful step forward as you love your family and do your best to grow, nurture, and support your tribe, you are making a difference!

To the mountains! 

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