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Procrastinators Homeschool Curriculum Sale

Welcome to  Yellow House Book Rental! We are primarily a homeschool curriculum, rental service. However, we offer a variety of services. You can compare each one, at Yellow House Book Rental, and decide which is best for your family.

 Procrastinators IN STOCK SALE!

NEW, USED CURRICULUM and RENTALS. If it's in stock, it's on sale!


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Semester Rentals are 5 months, all other Rentals are 10 months.


Berean Builders


Mystery of History


Life of Fred*

Only one code per order allowed. 

RENT Apologia Science here at Yellow House Book Rental and save up to 60%

Apologia's Exploring Creation with.....

Chemistry and Physics (rental and purchase used)

Exploring Creation With Chemistry and Physics Jr Notebook (purchase used)

Astronomy (rental or purchase)  

Swimming Creatures (rental or purchase)  

Botany (rental or purchase)  

Botany 2nd ed (rental or purchase)  

Botany Notebooking Journal (purchase)  

Middle school and high school 

General Science 2nd ed (rental and purchase used)
General Science  3rd ed (rental or purchase)  
Physical Science 2nd ed, (rental or purchase used( 
Biology  2nd edition (rental and purchase used)
Biology  3rd edition set (rental and purchase)
Marine Biology 2nd ed.(rental)
Marine Biology Video Instruction DVD (purchase used)
The Human Body (rent or used purchase)


The Mystery of History

The Mystery of History Vol 3 (Purchase used).



Middle School

From Adam to Us (purchase and rental)

Uncle Sam and You (purchase and rental)

High School

 Exploring World History Curriculum Package (rental)




WriteShop 1  & 2  Teachers Manual (7th-12th grade purchase) 20% off


Buy the WriteShop Student book I or II and get $13 off the

WriteShop 1 &2 Teachers' Manual  with code HTCFwrite



Berean Builders


Age of Reason (rental and purchase)
Industrial Age (rental and purchase)

Middle School

Science in the Atomic Age (rental)
High School
Discovering Design with Chemistry (purchase and rental)

 Life of Fred*

10% off with code LOF10FF
Life of Fred Butterflies (rental and  used purchase)
Life of Fred Cats (rental and used purchase)
Life of Fred Dogs (rental and purchase new and used)
 Life of Fred Farming (rental and purchase new and used)
Life of Fred Ice Cream (rental and  used purchase)
Life of Fred Jelly Beans (rental and purchase new and used)
Life of Fred Language Arts Series: Begin Teaching (rental)
Life of Fred Language Arts Series: Classes  (rental)
    Middle School
    Pre-Algebra 0 with Physics (Rental or Used)
    Pre-Algebra 1 with Biology (Rental or Used)
    Pre-Algebra 2 with Economic(Rental or Used)
    High School
    Zillions of Practice Problems for Beginning Algebra (purchase or rent)
    Life of Fred: Logic  (rental)
    Learn about each LOF book and what is taught in each right here