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Wondering about Mystery of History? It is amazing! We love it! here are a few facts to help you chose the right level.

For independent reading, The Mystery of History is written for these reading levels:

  • Volume I, 4th- to 5th-grade reading level
  • Volume II, 6th- to 7th-grade reading level
  • Volume III, 8th- to 9th-grade reading level
  • Volume IV, 10th- to 11th-grade reading level

 However, these reading levels don’t reflect the wide range of ages that can benefit from this curriculum. As a read-aloud, family study, or classroom program, The Mystery of History can accommodate the following:

  • Volume I, grades 1–12
  • Volume II, grades 3–12
  • Volume III, grades 5–12
  • Volume IV, grades 7–12
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