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Saxon Math 3 Workbook Set and Fact Cards - Yellow House Book Rental

Saxon Math 3 Student Workbooks / Fact Cards

  • $ 58.50

This student workbook and fact card set includes everything your student needs to get the consistent practice needed for understanding math using the Saxon Math 3 program. The two flip-top style workbooks include over 130 worksheets (with perforated edges for easy removal), as well as assessment forms. Drill sheets are single-sided, but worksheets are double-sided and labeled Side A/Side B; Side A is completed with assistance during the lesson, and Side B is completed later in the day in an effort to improve retention. 1-2 fact sheets are completed daily. Twenty-six pages of color-coded "fact cards" provide plenty of addition, subtraction multiplication, and division review, and provide an opportunity for students to use fact strategies from the lesson to solve problems.

This kit includes: 2 student workbooks and 1 fact card set. Grade 3. Consumable, non-reproducible workbooks. Classroom recording forms are also included, along with oral assessment forms.

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