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Life of Fred Language Arts Series: Dreams - Yellow House Book Rental

Life of Fred Language Arts Series: Dreams

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The fourth book of the Life of Fred Language Arts Series. This series covers English for high school students.

Why kids don’t go to jail, Brackets, parentheses, and braces, Three ways to make a break in a sentence (commas, parentheses and dashes), How to type an em dash on a computer, Which words ending in –nger are pronounced with a hard g, Use of [sic], Where to put the question mark(s) in Did he ask, “What time is it”, What to use instead of parentheses inside of parentheses, Twenty-six research doctorates and two professional degree doctorates, Ruminants and why horses are unlucky, Three uses of a dash, When a question mark or an exclamation mark can touch a dash, What not to say to little children, Metaphors, and more. Semester rental - 5 months.

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