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Life of Fred Ice Cream - Yellow House Book Rental

Life of Fred Ice Cream

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The ninth book in the Life of Fred:Ice Cream, Elementary Series. The first book of fourth-grade material.

One Use of Poetry, The Big Question in Arithmetic, Stationery vs. Stationary, Multiplying Two-digit Numbers, a Pound of Hamburger Weighs More Than a Pound of Gold, the Last Ten Multiplication Facts, How to Remember 7×8 = 56, Sigma Notation, Bibelots, Subtracting 12 oz. from 15 lbs., Forestland in the United States, Hyperbole, Bar Graphs, Ordered Pairs, Business Letters vs. Personal Letters, Capitalization in Closing Salutations, Elapsed Time, First and Second Coordinates, Using Honey Cards, Why Algebra Does Not Use the Times Sign (×), and more. Semester rental: 5 month period, beginning any time of the year.

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