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Exploring Creation with High School Astronomy (All-In-One Course)

Exploring Creation with High School Astronomy (All-In-One Course)

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Topics covered in this High School Astronomy course

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What are space, matter, antimatter, cosmic rays, dark matter, dark energy, black holes, and wormholes? It goes back in time to investigate the history of astronomy. What did the early stargazers see and understand? How did technology advance what we see and investigate? How does that technology work? And how does this change our model of our solar system and our knowledge of the universe? It then investigates the science of our Sun, planets, and other astronomical objects that reside in our solar system, galaxy, and the universe. It ends with a lesson on celestial navigation, learned from stargazers long ago but still a valuable tool today.

Specific topics include:

  • Space and Interstellar Space
  • Normal Matter, Antimatter, and Dark Matter
  • Black Holes and Wormholes
  • The History of Astronomy
  • Astronomical Measurement
  • The Model of Our Solar System
  • The Sun and The Electromagnetic Spectrum
  • The Inner Planets
  • Orbital Mechanics
  • The Moon
  • Types of Telescopes
  • The Outer Planets
  • Dwarf Planets and the Asteroid Belt
  • Stars and Constellations
  • Galaxies
  • Celestial Navigation

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