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Reviews and Testimonials

Here's what our customers are saying about us.

Tabitha B. says "Large selection at good prices" 

Joyce F. "makes homeschool affordable" 

Heather K"I think it's nice that you can rent the curriculum. For the just in case situation where it's not working for you and you need to switch." 

Johanna E "Families need practical, affordable, high-quality options for education. YHBR provides additional options for raising a kingdom-minded family."
"Thank you, Michelle,
You are great in keeping up with customers!
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Reviews about our homeschool consulting service

Rosa F. "She was a TREMENDOUS help in alleviating much of my confusion and clarified for me in plain, understandable language what things I needed to know now.  She was encouraging in a way that communicated to me that I know my children best, while imparting much needed wisdom in directing me to look into some of the things and services she has used over the years for her four children that have been a blessing to them all.  She also shared with me information about curriculum that didn’t work for her children while weaving in positive experiences by homeschooling friends, so that I could visualize both sides and decide what will work for my own children.  In all, I have chosen four things / services this school year per her recommendation and trust that I will not be disappointed."