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Life of Fred 15% off Sale

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Life of Fred Language Arts 

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Begin Teaching rental only $11.05
Classes rental only $11.05

Life of Fred Elementary

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Life of Fred Elementary Series- all 10 books $95.20 (10 month rental)

Life of Fred Elementary Set 1 (Rental only$25.50)

Life of Fred Apples (Rental only $9.56)

Life of Fred Butterflies (Rental and purchase available $9.56)

Life of Fred Cats (Rental and purchase available $9.56)

Life of Fred Dogs (Rental only $9.56)

Life of Fred Farming (Rental only $9.56)

Life of Fred Ice Cream (Rental only $9.56)

Life of Fred Jelly Beans (Rental only $9.56) 


Life of Fred Intermediate

      Photo of Life of Fred Intermediate Series Set

Life of Fred Intermediate Set - Kidneys, Liver Mineshaft  (rental or purchase) starting at $25.50