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Social Studies and Geography

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Learning American History Through Movies & Free Timeline

Christopher Columbus Facts and resources

We The People

FREE e-Book on the Constitution, Presidents and Election Process of the United States  from Apologia

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Continental Little Hoppers, Africa Younger children can get involved in an interactive approach to learning about our Earth's continents and its animals.  Although it’s leveled for grades preschool through third, the contents can also be geared for older children. Have the entire family involved in “hopping” from continent to continent. (now only $0.25)


Take the CorrieTen Boom Museum Virtual Tour for Free. 

Free Costume Gallery Research Library: A Year in Fashion


 TEN unit studies featuring famous people? You could include these as part of your regular history and science lessons or they could be part of a giant study– Famous People
spaghetti geography
5 Games that make geography exciting!
Geography and History  YouTube Channels
Guess Who Game with American History Figures. Make your own Guess Who game!
History Videos for Kids
Uncover the first of 3 Keys that will unlock history once and for all, cracking the code and revealing the exciting details that make history both fun and easy. And what homeschool mom doesn't like EASY? Videos are still accessible after October

European Countries and Capitols: 38 pages of activities to help kids master the geography of Europe

George Washington freebie
Geroge Washington activities, puzzles, copy work, videos and more
Geography Printable Downloads 
This printable is part lap book, part unit study. Every element is internet linked to websites where your child can do more research, and find the information they need to complete the lap-booking element
 Harriet Tubman Sample: Excite and engage your upper elementary students - all the while teaching them about Harriet Tubman and the important choices she made to stand up for what was right.
Enjoy this HUGE list of FREE Printables, Resources, Lapbooks, Unit Studies and More!
Mexico History & Geography Pack
National Symbols  Notebooking Pages
Roman History Printables 
Slavery & Civil War
Creating Timelines
Free HistoryTimeline Download with 147 dated and color-coded timelines for 2nd-12th grades and a link to free timeline figures. 
Three Branches of Goverment 
Trail of Tears Printables
The U.S. Constitution 
US State Printables
WWII Resources