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Life of Fred Mineshaft - Yellow House Book Rental

Life of Fred Mineshaft

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Semester rental: 5 month period, beginning any time of the year. Just let us know in the checkout notes what month you would like to start your rental.

The third book in the Life of Fred Intermediate Series, Mineshaft (Hardcover)

This book covers intermediate mathematics including . . .

Milligrams and pounds, Rounding Numbers, Three-eighths of 19,416, Is a Quart less than (<) a Duck?, What to do With Eleven Hours of Free Time Each Day, Six is What Fraction of 24?, Post Meridiem, Exponents, Extending the Domain of a Function, Perpendicular Lines, Diminutives, Rhombus, Can a Four-Sided Figure Have Exactly Three Right Angles?, Cardinality of Sets, Sectors, Inverse Operations, the Largest Cardinal Number Isn't Six, Ounces, Gills, and Pints, 30% of 270, Division by 100, Subtraction 3 oz. from 4 lbs. 2 oz., Subtracting 7 Minutes 25 Seconds from 20 Minutes 10 Seconds, Subtracting 2 Gallons 1 Quart from 4 Gallons, Chords of a Circle, Three Definitions of a Diameter, Subtracting 40 Feet from 9 Miles, Fahrenheit to Celsius Conversions, Does x < y Imply y > x?, Converting 39 Inches into Feet, Finding the Sale Price After taking 40% Off, the Image of an Element in the Domain of A Function. 

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