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Life of Fred Mineshaft - Yellow House Book Rental

Life of Fred Mineshaft

  • $ 8.50

The third book in the Life of Fred Intermediate Series (Hardcover)

This book covers intermediate mathematics including . . .

Milligrams and pounds, Rounding Numbers, Three-eighths of 19,416, Is a Quart less than (<) a Duck?, What to do With Eleven Hours of Free Time Each Day, Six is What Fraction of 24?, Post Meridiem, Exponents, Extending the Domain of a Function, Perpendicular Lines, Diminutives, Rhombus, Can a Four-Sided Figure Have Exactly Three Right Angles?, Cardinality of Sets, Sectors, Inverse Operations, the Largest Cardinal Number Isn't Six, Ounces, Gills, and Pints, 30% of 270, Division by 100, Subtraction 3 oz. from 4 lbs. 2 oz., Subtracting 7 Minutes 25 Seconds from 20 Minutes 10 Seconds, Subtracting 2 Gallons 1 Quart from 4 Gallons, Chords of a Circle, Three Definitions of a Diameter, Subtracting 40 Feet from 9 Miles, Fahrenheit to Celsius Conversions, Does x < y Imply y > x?, Converting 39 Inches into Feet, Finding the Sale Price After taking 40% Off, the Image of an Element in the Domain of A Function. Semester rental: 5 month period, beginning any time of the year.

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