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Life of Fred Jelly Beans - Yellow House Book Rental

Life of Fred Jelly Beans

  • $ 8.50

The tenth book in the Life of Fred Elementary Series: Jelly Beans (Hardcover); the second book of fourth-grade material.

Adding Decimals, Logs, Volume of a Box, Outline of the Plot of the First Three Acts of A Midsummer Night’s Dream, English Major vs. Math Major, Résumés, the Pinocchio Paradox, What Is a Tinker, Median Averages, Mean Averages, the Fad that Began March 3, 1939, Fifty Basic Survival Skills, Exponents, Set Subtraction, Reducing Fractions, Milli- and Kilo-, Monophagous and Monostich, Epigraphs, Tally Marks, Pie Charts, Five Things Your Income Depends On, the Biggest Happiness Killer, Mode Average, Subtracting Three Inches from Three Miles, Incisors, and more. Semester rental: 5 month period, beginning any time of the year.

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