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Life of Fred Farming - Yellow House Book Rental

Life of Fred Farming

  • $ 8.50

The sixth book of the Life of Fred Elementary Series, Farming; the second book of second-grade material. Semester rental: 5 month period, beginning any time of the year.

Math Concepts

  • Adding to 14
  • Googol
  • Percents
  • Adding to 16
  • Rows of a Matrix
  • Median Average
  • Union of Sets
  • All of Mathematics Generated by the Empty Set
  • Proof that the Set of Everything (the Universal Set) Cannot Exist
  • Cardinality of a Set
  • Collinear Points
  • Numbers vs. Numerals
  • Borrowing One in Subtraction
  • Definition of Function
  • Domain and Codomain
  • and more

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