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Life of Fred Language Arts Series: Classes - Yellow House Book Rental

Life of Fred Language Arts Series: Classes

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The third book of the Life of Fred Language Arts Series, Life of Fred Language Arts Series: Classes. This series covers English for high school students.

The overall picture in business, math, football, life, and English, Seven parts of speech, Tense is the Latin word for time, Prepositions explained in 30 seconds, A sentence with 16 prepositional phrases, Adjectives, Three kinds of adjectival errors, Four uses of italics, Simplifying the 12 tenses, Positive, comparative, and superlative forms of adjectives, Proper nouns used as adjectives, Suffix, Using the present tense to indicate things that are always true, Direct and indirect objects, Often the least effective way to teach is to lecture, Nominative, objective, and possessive cases, Simile, Schwa, Auxiliary verbs, Elliptical construction, Formal, informal, nonstandard, and general English, Two ways our brains work, The four emotions (glad, sad, mad, and afraid), Counter words, and more. Semester rental - 5 months.

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