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The Human Body: Avdvanced Biology Set - Yellow House Book Rental

Exploring Creation with The Human Body: Advanced Biology Set 2nd ed.

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Exploring Creation With Biology, The Human Body: Textbook and Test and solutions manual are included in this set.

Brand new 2nd edition! This is Apologia's advanced biology course. Combined with Exploring Creation With Biology, The Human Body: Fearfully and Wonderfully Made, gives the student the equivalent of a university biology course. In other words, these two courses together cover the entire "advanced placement" (AP) curriculum. In order to take this course, the student MUST have completed a first-year biology course AND a first-year chemistry course. It covers both the anatomy and the physiology of the human body’s 11 organ systems in detail. 

Great resource for lesson plans, vocabulary, bookmarks, and co-op schedules here (this will direct you to different site)

Used purchase - in acceptable condition- cover shows sign of wear. Test and solution manual- good

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