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Equipping Minds

Equipping Minds provides hope to those families where a student is frustrated in school and to adults who are seeing a decrease in their processing and memory.

Equipping Minds primary mission is to work with children and adults to help them overcome learning, emotional, and social challenges by equipping their minds to reach the full potential God has for them. As Dr. Reuven Feuerstein has proven, “everyone regardless of age, etiology or disability-has immeasurable ability to enhance their learning aptitude and heighten their intelligence.” The Feuerstein Method has helped hundreds of thousands of people improve their learning, thinking, and analyzing skills

What separates Equipping Minds from other programs is its holistic approach? I'm glad you asked! "The Equipping Minds program uses nutritional therapy, primitive reflex exercises, sound therapy, vestibular therapy, and vision exercises in addition to Equipping Minds cognitive exercises. It is based on a biblical view of human development that believes the brain can change. Equipping Minds also differs from other programs, in that, these brain strengthening exercises use what the student already knows. Equipping Minds ingeniously sets aside academic skills allowing us to get to the foundational roots and cognitive functions, quickly and accurately."

Learn more about Equipping Minds and our story HERE. Purchase Equipping Minds products here and receive free shipping.

These games are used with the Equipping Minds Program and can be purchased at Amazon. These are great brain training games for children and adults of all ages! 

Sadly, we are no longer able to sell their program and products on our site but strongly encourage you to visit Equipping Minds. They are an absolutely amazing program and wonderful people.



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