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Saxon Math Kindergarten Kit - Yellow House Book Rental

Saxon Math K Homeschool KIT

  • $ 127.00

Rental option will include rental of the Teachers Manual. Student meeting book would be a purchase (for you to keep)

Saxon's comprehensive kindergarten program contains all the information you'll need to teach your child the math concepts necessary for their scholastic success. The Teacher's Edition contains a materials list and fully scripted lessons, ensuring that all concepts will be covered consistently throughout the year.

Lessons are divided into two portions-the meeting and the lesson; this program is designed to alternate between these, teaching 3 lessons and 2 meetings a week. In the meeting, review is emphasized as counting, time, estimation and more are highlighted; progress is kept track of in the separate meeting book. During a lesson, new skills, such as sorting by color, learning patterns, skip counting, measuring, time, graphs and story problems are taught incrementally.

Meeting Book is 24 pgs, softcover, consumable work book. Reproduction of most pages is prohibited. Teacher's Edition is spiral-bound softcover with 439 pages of lessons; the appendixes contain oral assessment forms, student activity masters and handwriting forms.


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