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Saxon Math 7/6 Complete Homeschool Kit - Yellow House Book Rental

Saxon Math 7/6 4ED Homeschool KIT

  • $ 157.00
Sold Out! - Rental

Rental option includes rental of the Solutions Manual and Student Text, the tests and worksheets would be a purchase (for you to keep)

This kit includes Saxon's 4th Edition Math 7/6 textbook, solutions manual, and tests/worksheets book. 

Learning--and teaching!--math does not have to be difficult! Give your students and yourself the tools to succeed with this Saxon Teacher and Saxon 7/6 kit combination! Introduce your middle-schoolers to the concepts they'll need for upper-level algebra and geometry, including functions and coordinate graphing; integers; multiplying decimals and fractions; radius, circumference, and pi; compound interest; exponential expressions; prime factorization; statistics and probability; and complementary and supplementary angles. 

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