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Our Star-Spangled Story Curriculum Package

Our Star-Spangled Story Curriculum Package

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Our Star-Spangled Story Curriculum Package is the newest curriculum from Notgrass History!

Designed for children in grades 1-4, this is a one year U.S. history course. It features simple lessons with easy-to-follow instructions, full-color photographs and illustrations, and engaging supplemental activities.

If renting, you would rent all of the books in the set except My Star-Spangled Student Workbook. This book would be your to keep as it needs to be purchased (consumable) 

How It Works

Our Star-Spangled Story has a total of 90 lessons for use over one school year (30 units of 3 lessons each). All of the instructions for how to use the material are included in Part 1 and Part 2 so you do not need a separate Teacher's Manual. The daily instructions are very easy to follow.

Each weekly unit has three lessons. Students can read the lessons on their own, or you can read the lessons aloud. Each lesson is filled with full-color photographs, illustrations, and artwork. Reading one lesson will take 10-15 minutes. At the end of each lesson is a list of suggested activities. These include singing a song or learning a dance in Rhythms and Rhymes, looking at the Timeline book, completing a Student Workbook page, reading from one of the recommended literature titles, answering review questions, or doing a hands-on activity. You can pick the activities that work best for your family.

The Books in this set

The Our Star-Spangled Story Curriculum Package includes all six books listed below, enough for one child to complete the curriculum. If you are using the curriculum with more than one child, you can purchase additional Student Workbooks.

  • Our Star-Spangled Story Part 1
    This book has 45 lessons beginning with life in America before Europeans came and continuing through the late 1800s.

  • Our Star-Spangled Story Part 2
    This book has 45 lessons that go from the late 1800s through modern times.

  • Star-Spangled Rhythms and Rhymes
    This is a collection of 60 songs, poems, and dances that comes with an audio CD. Each selection goes along with a particular lesson in the curriculum.

  • A Star-Spangled Timeline
    This beautiful, engaging reference is the perfect way to reinforce and review key people and events from the lessons.

  • My Star-Spangled Student Workbook
    This book contains two handwork sheets and one review page for each unit. (This is the only consumable book in this curriculum.)

  • Our Star-Spangled Story Answer Key
    Answers for the lesson review questions in the text and the Student Workbook activities.


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