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Draw to Learn Psalms - Yellow House Book Rental

Draw to Learn Psalms

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Read a Psalm each day and complete a drawing assignment based on one idea in the Psalm. When you finish, you will have a wide variety of drawings, showing that God's Word talks about numerous aspects of our daily lives. All ages

Draw to Learn is a homeschool art curriculum and Bible study series. It helps children internalize truths from God's Word while giving them guidance in drawing a wide variety of pictures. Each lesson has three vital steps:


The student reads a passage from his own Bible, thinks about the meaning, and then draws a picture related to the passage. This simple approach helps children grow in their faith and understanding of Scripture, and at the same time they use and develop their art skills. Draw to Learn has no upper age limit, because anyone (even an adult) can complete it at his own skill level.

Each Draw to Learn volume has 150 lessons. Your child can complete one drawing per day and finish the program in one school year, or you can go at your own pace and stretch the program over two or more years. Each volume has a helpful introduction, and the pages are spiral bound.

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