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Yellow House Book Rental Referrals

10% credit on every order that you refer! 
Receive up to $50 of credit!

How do I get credit?

In the checkout process, you will be asked how you heard about us. Ask your friends to put your name  in the "other" choice.  You will receive a credit of 10% of the total amount ordered.  If you were referred by someone, please give us the name of that person so they can receive credit for the referral. For example, the friend you referred, places a $50 order, you will receive a $5.00 credit on your account. We will send you an email letting you know every time your name is put in as a referral.  When you are ready to order.  Email us letting us know you would like to receive your credit- gift card. We will be happy to send you your gift card with the amount of credit you have accumulated. It's that easy!