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30 Day LEGO Challenge
How to learn with LEGOS in many subjects

Learn Chemistry with Legos: Free Chemistry Lesson Plans using Legos

Let your children learn the fun way.....HANDS ON! How do you get Mr. Lego out of the ice? Let your child experiment with ways you can dissolve ice.
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LEGO apps

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Lego Challenge Cards

Legos and the Gospel
So much you can learn with Legos
So many LEGO learning links here
You don’t really have to try to teach your children when they play LEGO games for fun
Lego Hearts Engineering
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Lego learning activities: Math, Science, History, Language arts and more!
Legos and Math
Exploring math concepts with LEGOS- fractions multiplication, perimeter, place value, and more
LEGO Movie Maker

Multiplication with LEGOS
Legos and Words
Lego handwriting mats
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LEGO Spelling Tests Printables
Lego Review Game
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Free LEGO Resources
LEGO Learning-cursive copywork, Duplo alphabet mats, counting worksheet
Fun Ideas for Science with LEGOS