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 WriteShop is now owned and operated by Demme Learning. Because of this change we will no longer be able to offer WriteShop rental options.

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What Is WriteShop?

WriteShop is an excellent incremental writing program for all ages. 

Don't have the money to invest in buying? Save money by renting the teacher's manual. (The packs allow you to purchase the consumable student books while renting the Teacher's manuals). If you want to keep it, let us know and you may buy it for the purchase price, minus the rental price.

Do any of your kids have the “writing gene”? Or do you have writing-phobic children who pretty much resist anything having to do with pencil and paper?

No matter what kind of learner you have, teaching writing can be intimidating or overwhelming. Even if you’re a writer, it doesn’t automatically mean you know how to teach writing. Putting words on paper might come naturally to you, but how do you pass on what you know and love to a child who hates it?

We’ve been there. We understand the challenges of teaching writing. That’s why we’ve created materials that teach your child how to write—and show you how to teach. Whether your children are very young or well into their teens, WriteShop’s step-by-step lessons will help you introduce and review the building blocks of the writing process.

Writing Curriculum for All Ages

WriteShop is an award-winning writing curriculum that has been equipping homeschooling families since 2001. You may visit their site. We love WriteShop and work together with them to help provide you with the writing curriculum YOU need at the price you can afford! 

Remember renting WriteShop saves you money!

We have resources for all ages, from kindergarten through high school. Visit their site for downloads 

  • WriteShop Primary. WriteShop Primary is all about helping your child feel successful. Picture books, games, and crafts make writing fun. If your child isn’t reading or writing, that’s OK. Every activity can be done orally.  Learn more
  • WriteShop Junior. This upper-elementary curriculum introduces children to the excitement of writing in different genres, including mysteries, science fiction stories, and nonfiction reports. It’s still important to have fun while learning, so WriteShop Junior activities keep kids engaged with fun games that teach skills but don’t require any writing. Even the editing process is fun!  Learn more…
  • WriteShop I and II. Older students in junior high and high school will tackle descriptive, expository, narrative, and persuasive compositions and essays. They’ll learn to use sentence variations, make strong word choices, and improve their self-editing and proofreading skills.  Learn more…

Teaching writing has never been easier! Whether you’re a new or veteran homeschooler, we encourage you to explore our website and WriteShop's blog to see how WriteShop can help you along your homeschooling journey.

If you don't see a product or download here from WriteShop that you are looking for you may find it directly on WriteShop's website

Not sure where to start with WriteShop? Take the placement quiz and you will find the best curriculum fit in under a minute! 

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