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Grammar Galaxy Nova Text

Grammar Galaxy Nova Text

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Grammar Galaxy: Nova Text (Volume 6) is a complete language arts curriculum for middle schoolers or students who have completed Blue Star or its equivalent.

Short, comical stories teach concepts in a memorable way. Students discover the havoc that ensues when the evil Gremlin tampers with the English language. Greek mythology comes to life when it is relocated to Nonfiction Province. A word genealogy website publishes misinformation. Possessive nouns and pronouns are linked to violence in a phony documentary. The royal English children invite students to become fellow grammar guardians in order to save the galaxy from crises like these.

Students read one of the mysteries. Vocabulary words are defined in the text. Discussion questions follow each lesson to check for understanding.

The manual is a necessity for this course. The Nova Mission Manual (workbook)  enables guardians to complete short, enjoyable missions to reinforce the concepts. Optional writing projects are perfect for students who are ready for more advanced composition assignments.


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