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The Mystery of History Vol. 4 - Yellow House Book Rental

The Mystery of History Vol. 4

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Mystery of History Volume IV is the last and final volume of the Mystery of History series from Bright Ideas Press! Covering 1708 to 2014, it begins with Bach and Handel, brings the reader through multiple "wars of independence" as well as many "wars of ideologies" between Marxism, Darwinism, Fascism, and the Cold War. World War I and II bring the reader to more modern day conflicts, including a collapsed Soviet Union, a divided Korea, tension in the Middle East, and an ongoing War on Terror.

 You can teach your children about the wars of independence to modern times (1708- present) with author Linda Hobar's distinctly Christian perspective.

Please note that The Mystery of History Volume IV is not on the same reading level as The Mystery of History Volume IThe Mystery of History Volume IV is best suited for children in 6th grade and up. Younger siblings can tag along for the history lessons, but the reading level and emotional intensity of The Mystery of History Volume IV will be challenging for them. Expect to make modifications to help children younger than sixth grade grasp the material. 

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