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The Mystery of History Vol. 1. 2nd edition

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The Mystery of History Vol 1 covers the creation to the resurrection.

Linda Hobar, the author of this world history series, states, “I believe history is the story of God revealing Himself to mankind and that He did it most perfectly through the person of Jesus Christ…the “mystery” is the gospel of Jesus Christ.” What a different view from most world history curriculums!  Through, interesting readings every day you will discover how history fits together.  You will find Historical photos, along with fun projects and timeline and mapping assignments. Another feature is the memory cards, which you add to every week to keep your facts straight. Quarterly reviews and semester tests are provided.

Although this is intended for 4-8 graders, it is easily adapted to both older and younger students for an all-in-one history book as assignments are included for all grade levels

While Mystery of History and Story of the World, both have interesting narrative more like a story than a textbook, the first difference is that Mystery of History gives dates and offers ways to use a timeline to keep the order of history in perspective, which SOW does not do as well.  Second is that MOH has discussion questions, quizzes and exercises, while Story of the World does not.

Here is a great resource, a list of movies and videos that correspond with Mystery of History Vol. 1

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